Monday, December 19, 2016

Timing and Tarot

Just saw some interesting suggestions for timing and Tarot on a Tarotholics Anonymous group thread on Facebook. I’ve tended to avoid timing when doing Tarot readings. I’m gonna have to try these out though and see if they work. I have definitely found that trying to read for farther out than a year just ends up being entirely inaccurate.

• Choose a topic and lay out 1-3 cards for each month (up to a year) or seasonally (winter, spring, summer, fall), or maybe even related to the Moon cycle (if that’s how you prefer to look). Look for love or relationship related cards and see where they fall.

• Embed the timing in the question.
   Will x happen in y timeframe?
   (For example) Will I start a new romantic relationship sometime in the next 3 months?

Could be interesting to see if either work and if they’re accurate.

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