Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Fun Combination Reading Technique

Last week I decided to go back to a temporarily forgotten but much enjoyed reading technique for my "daily" (though sometimes not every day) readings. I have a moderate collection of Tarot and Oracle decks and I want to use them. This technique allows me to use both my Tarot and Oracle card decks a bit more often.

For this technique, I choose a Tarot and an Oracle deck for the week. I tend to choose decks that have similar themes that seem to go well together. This week I chose the Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith and the Tarot of the Magical Forest. To begin, I shuffle the Oracle deck and draw a card. I tend to shuffle and then count out the cards until I reach the card that corresponds to the date, i.e. today is the 16th so I chose the 16th card. I use the Oracle card as a topic for a 3 card Tarot reading. I read about the Oracle card's meaning in the accompanying book. Then I shuffle the Tarot deck and draw 3 cards while thinking about the meaning of the Oracle card. I round out the reading with the drawing of a single Rune. I interpret all of these together to do the reading. It's a fun technique that helps me to use my Tarot and Oracle decks as well as the Runes. I really enjoy these readings.

Here's an example...

Here's my interpretation of the reading...

Guidance will come to you, though it may not be in the form you expect. In order to have stability and structure in your daily life, you must leave behind some ways of thinking. Though this may be challenging, it is time to turn inward to seek clarity and wait for what is to come.

Combination readings can be a fun way to work with your divination tools. This technique can work with a wide variety of divinatory tools. Give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below. Have fun!  (one of my sources for Runes meanings)