Saturday, February 20, 2016

Oracle Deck Excitement!

I splurged recently and bought Paulina Cassidy's The Faerie Guidance Oracle. I'm so glad that I did! It's very cute, but then I really like her artwork. I have both her Paulina Tarot and Joie de Vivre Tarot decks and her Witchlings Deck. I enjoy all of them, though I don't work a lot with the Paulina Tarot. I prefer the Joie de Vivre Tarot, which is currently one of my working decks. I also just found out recently that she's creating two new Tarot decks, which are still in the process of being created. I can't wait for them to be released! Anyway...

The Faerie Guidance Oracle is a deck of 40 cards with uplifting and positive messages. I'm not normally all that interested in Faeries, but I was drawn to this deck. I went back and forth a bit about getting it and decided to just do it. It is quite similar to the Witchlings deck, but with a slightly different take. I REALLY like it!

I know some people are a bit turned off by "positive" decks. I generally tend to be one of them. Life isn't all positive, so decks shouldn't necessarily be all positive. However, I have found that this deck, along with Witchlings, is positive but still gives an accurate and realistic message. The answers are just framed in a more positive light. Honestly, sometimes I've found that I need that. I don't want a deck to blow smoke up my a**. But sometimes I need the message to be given to me in a more positive perspective, a bit more gently, particularly if I'm having a flare up of my chronic illness issues. This deck, and Witchlings, gives honest and accurate answers in a positive perspective, without completely glossing over some of the "not so positive" stuff.

I have been wanting to find an Oracle deck or two that I can use to offer readings to clients. I LOVE Oracle decks, but I usually have to rely on the accompanying book meanings for reading them. There's no consistent system for Oracle decks, like there is for Tarot, so you have to learn each individual Oracle deck's "system" which is based on the deck creator's whim and intention. I have several Oracle decks that I absolutely adore for personal readings. But even with as often as I use them, I still need to rely on the accompanying books. I just can't quite get their "system" down to do readings without the books. For personal readings that's just fine, but for readings for clients that's not really professional. So I've been looking for an Oracle deck or two that I can use for clients, some of whom may not be entirely comfortable with Tarot. I think I've found them!

Since I've gotten The Faerie Guidance Oracle, I've been experimenting and practicing with both it and the Witchlings deck. I have found both decks to be quite accessible. I don't have to rely on the accompanying books to complete a decent reading. I get good intuitive hits from both decks. I've also found both decks to work well with a few spreads, which I don't generally use very often. I'm continuing to practice more with both decks. I feel certain I'll be quite comfortable using these decks for client readings in the future. That's so very exciting for me!  :-)  I'm hoping to have my Tarot business up and running soon. Now I feel I'll be able to offer a wider variety of readings for clients by including these two Oracle decks for readings.

I hope you'll join me in the future as I continue to explore working with Tarot and Oracle decks.

What new decks have you gotten recently? Feel free to share in the comments.