Friday, August 12, 2016

Change of Venue... Join Me!

Hey all! After some thought, I've decided to start on Tumblr and focus on blogging over there. It's a simpler and easier format for me. These past 2 months have been incredibly difficult for me. I pulled my back. Healing from that caused me so much physical and emotional stress that it triggered a CFS flare. I absolutely want to keep blogging. I'm just having to find some new and easier ways to do some of the things I want to do, with this latest flare. I'm having to find my new limits and do a lot more pacing.

With Tumblr, I can easily post from my phone, which is really good for me. I feel more comfortable posting shorter, simpler posts there. I can easily post pictures and share things. For now, Tumblr seems like a better place for me to work with. Even on my bad days, I can share things I've found, to keep the momentum going.

It's funny... I seem to be going a bit backwards from many people. Lots of people start on Tumblr and then go on to a blog or website. I'm going in reverse. But I need to do what works for me. I'm also hoping I'll get a bit more exposure, which will be very helpful once I get my Tarot business up and going. I won't forget about this blog. I'll try to post here when I can. But I'll be posting a lot more consistently on Tumblr.

I hope you'll join me on Tumblr. I look forward to seeing you there!